Phoenix protesters stirring up trouble after President Trump’s rally received a less than kind welcome from local police. Gas and pepper balls were lobbed into groups of hooligans in an effort to disband the juvenile chaos.
One protester got a little more than he bargained for and is now part of internet lore.
This athletic shorted gentleman, donning a gas mask was shot right square in the nads with a pepper ball after he kicked a gas canister back in the direction of law enforcement.
Like so:

Making it the bright spot in an otherwise typical protest

In one's darkest hour, when hope is fleeting, this is the ray of sunshine that fills the heart with joy...

Maybe don’t kick gas at riot cops?

Don’t we all?

Maybe it's because it's a week from football season, but every time I see  I hear " comes the BOOM!" in my head.

Celine a scene, Pepper Balls edition