Thursday, August 29, 2013

Democrat talking points, from: Daily Glob

CONFEDERACY: The New Democrat Talking Point Has Been Issued

August 28, 2013

Democrats have a flair for whisper campaigns.
When they want to damage their opposition, they float a word or phrase that starts in the farthest reaches of the blogoshpere which then works its way into the mouths of activists, media allies, debate moderators and politicians.
It works like magic. Just ask any Obama voter where they first heard the term “war on women” and watch them struggle to answer. Hmm… was it the Huffington Post? The Daily Kos? ABC News? Obama?
The new whisper campaign aims to re-write history and paint conservatives as “Confederates” or “members of the confederacy.”
It doesn’t matter that the Republican Party was founded to end slavery which Democrats supported. Nor does it matter that the Civil Rights Act was overwhelmingly supported by Republicans, not Democrats.
It doesn’t matter that the last member of the KKK to serve in congress, Senator Robert Byrd was a Democrat. Nor does it matter that the only black member of the US senate, Tim Scott is a Republican.
All that matters is the new talking point. See if you can spot the trend…
August 16, 2013: MSNBC host uses the term Neo-Confederate to describe libertarians and conservatives.
August 20, 2013: MSNBC contributor uses the term Neo-Confederate to describe 2nd Amendment supporters.
August 27, 2013: Before MLK celebration, Jesse Jackson calls the Tea Party the new Confederacy.
August 28, 2013: MSNBC host asks – Are Conservatives the new Confederates?
This phrase or some variation of it will be repeated endlessly between now and the 2014 mid-term elections. It will eventually make its way into MSM television reports and onto the front page of various newspapers.
As I’m writing this post, liberal activists and bloggers are crafting posts and post comments that include the words “Confederates” and “Confederacy” to describe anyone who opposes Democrats. That’s how this works.
Keep your ears open.
I guarantee you we haven’t heard the last of the new “Confederacy” meme.

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