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John Coleman, Weather Chanel Founder, Climate change denier

Weather Channel founder denies climate change, so ‘put me to death’

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Homepage graphic from John Coleman's blog titled: MY BATTLE TO CORRECT THE BAD SCIENCE BEHIND THE “CLIMATE CHANGE” FRENZY.
Homepage graphic from John Coleman’s blog titled: MY BATTLE TO CORRECT THE BAD SCIENCE BEHIND THE “CLIMATE CHANGE” FRENZY. Image via

By Ken Stone

John Coleman says Al Gore started it — the “global warming silliness.” But now the retired weatherman and founder of The Weather Channel is “horrified” to see San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer channeling the ex-veep with a Climate Action Plan. It “just turns my stomach.”
John Coleman left KUSI in April 2014 after 20 years as meteorologist.
John Coleman left KUSI in April 2014 after 20 years as meteorologist. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
“I think he saw money and power, and I don’t know what else he thought of it,” Coleman says of the Republican mayor. “I can’t believe he really [felt he] was going to save the city from some terrible fate.”
Coleman, 82, laughs during a lively phone chat from his home near Las Vegas.
“San Diego’s not going to go underwater. Period,” he says. “Not in my lifetime or yours or our kids’ lifetime. When the Earth ends in 4 1/2 billion years, it probably still won’t have flooded.”
He also mocks “the damn tsunami warning route signs that they put up all over the city,” which he calls “about as silly as anything I’ve ever saw in my life. The chance of a significant tsunami hitting Southern California is about as great as a flying saucer landing tonight at Lindbergh Field. It’s just sheer nonsense.”
Coleman also knows how many people regard his decade-old public arguments. As sheer nonsense.
He’s unapologetic.
“I’m just a dumb old skeptic — a denier as they call me — who ought to be jailed or put to death,” he says. “I understand how they feel. But you know something? I know I’m right. So I don’t care.”
That’s clear from his Twitter feed, “climate frenzy” blog and occasional political activism — he made hundreds of phone calls (reading a script) urging votes for Donald Trump during the primaries.
  • Part 1: How’s the Weatherman? KUSI’s John Coleman Plays Retirement Card in Vegas
  • Part 2: John Coleman’s Stormy Career: From Radio Teen to Network Star
  • “I went to the opening of the Trump campaign headquarters in Nevada, and that sort of thing,” he says of the man who labels climate change a hoax. “I went to one of his rallies.”
    Coleman aims to expose what he calls “Algorian” scientists fudging data and taking billions in government research grants for the sake of career advancement and economic comfort.

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    At KUSI-TV in San Diego, with financial backing from the Republican McKinnon family, Coleman hosted two hour-long documentaries critical of the notion of manmade climate change. He did many news pieces.
    Coleman calls global warming a scientific issue, not a political one. “But since it had become a political issue, [Michael D. McKinnon] strongly supported my skeptical position on global warming,” he says. “If it hadn’t been for that, I probably would have retired much sooner. [KUSI] gave me a great platform from which to work.”
    How did Coleman go from the clowning meteorologist of ABC’s “Eyewitness News” in Chicago to the Kay-YOOOOOUUUU-Es-Eye crusader against “the greatest scam in history”?
    Several stories are told.
    Charles Homan of Columbia Journalism Review said Coleman “snapped” while watching an Eagles-Cowboys football game one Sunday night when TV studio lights were cut as a “green” gesture.
    “I couldn’t take it anymore,” Coleman told Homan in that 2010 piece. “I did a Howard Beale.”
    Coleman also points to Gore’s Oscar-winning “An Inconvenient Truth” of 2006. “I think the Al Gore movie probably stimulated me more than anything,” he now says. “I’m happy to see that his new movie seems to be less than spectacular success.”
    But the seeds were planted decades before Coleman’s 2007 manifestos.
    Coleman credits Joseph D’Aleo, his meteorological director at The Weather Channel and forecast assistant at “Good Morning America.”
    “We started together in 1977, I guess,” he says. “He’s the one who has taught me about climate skepticism, about Algorian skepticism, and I learned it through him. And then I learned it through Willie Soon. It goes way, way back before 2007.”
    In January 2010, responding to an “Other Side” broadcast on KUSI but not using Coleman’s name, research professor emeritus Richard Somerville of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography issued a 550-word, six-point “Response to Climate Change Denialism.”

    In July 2014, John P. Reisman offered a line-by-line rebuttal to Coleman’s arguments in “The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam.”
    On July 1, 2017, fact-checking site labeled as “False” the assertion — circulating after Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accords — that “Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman provided evidence that convincingly refutes the concept of anthropogenic global warming.”
    Coleman went on several national shows after his April 2014 exit from KUSI, including Fox News (with Megyn Kelly) and CNN (with Brian Stelter), to make his case.
    But Coleman confessed to Times of San Diego that his TV turns are drying up.
    He says a CBS production company contacted him about an interview for an hourlong TV show.
    “And we talked and talked and everything was scheduled,” Coleman says. “And then two days before the shoot was to occur, they called and said, ‘Sorry, we have to cancel that. Thank you very much anyway.’
    “Because?” Coleman asked.
    “Well, you know,” came the reply.
    Said Coleman: “That happens all the time.”
    Coleman doubles down: “I understand that there are plenty of people who rip me to shreds, and you can find strong and powerful put-downs on every topic I’m talking about. … But the truth is that I know all about all that stuff, and I don’t give a rat’s ass, because I know I’m right.”
    American Meteorological Society 2016 member survey on climate change. (PDF)
    In the phone chat, Coleman was asked about “97 percent of climate scientists” citing manmade change.
    Coleman shot back: “Do you believe that? That’s sheer nonsense.”
    He called it a “totally contrived figure” that gained ultimate currency when it was “uttered by President Obama. … But it’s totally fabricated. The so-called research that came up with that 97 percent was done by people who were looking to produce that figure and had to manipulate everything they got.”
    He directed me to to view “eight or nine well-done articles that debunk the 97 percent.”
    So where did the 97 percent come from?
    Coleman’s says it’s just the share of scientists who agree the earth is warming, which even Coleman concedes.
    “You’ve had Ice Ages and glacial periods, warm spells, one after another, cycling back and forth,” he says. “And certainly man didn’t cause any of them. They’re all natural events.”
    He says the American Meteorological Society, in its most recent survey, “came up with about 47 percent skeptical, so 53 percent support (manmade climate change). And that’s after the society did everything they can to promote it. The society has been totally politicized. And still they can’t get all their members aboard.”
    But contacted this week, AMS spokesman Tom Champoux provided links to several reports and blogs, including its 2016 survey of members which found “only 5 percent [of survey respondents] said that climate change was ‘largely or entirely’ due to natural events.”
    “Mr. Coleman’s assertion that the 97 percent figure is ‘totally contrived’ and was ‘uttered by President Obama’ is in no way accurate,” said Champoux, who pointed to a British science nonprofit’s conclusion that “amongst 1,381 papers self-rated by their authors as stating a position on human-caused global warming, 97.2 percent endorsed the consensus.”
    The AMS survey did find a 53 percent figure, however: “A total of 4,092 AMS members participated, with participants coming from the United States and internationally. The participation rate in the survey was 53.3 percent.”
    Another evergreen Coleman critique is that billions of dollars of research grants go only to scientists who support the global warming theory: “You MUST take the Algorian side or you’re dead meat.”
    He cites “the great Judith Curry,” an accomplished climate scientist who left her job at Georgia Tech “because she couldn’t handle it anymore” — reaction to her skeptical positions. He noted “my great friend Willie Soon at the Smithsonian Institute, whose life has been turned to hell because of his position.”
    He says the power of money — $20 billion a year — buys opinion. “But even THAT has not produced a 97 percent consensus, so that consensus figure is a dead-in-the-ringer lie.”
    But what about that fact Republicans control the pursestrings?
    Coleman is ready.
    “Have you heard the chant ‘Drain the swamp’? I don’t think the swamp is only Democrats and bureaucrats. … Lord help me, the Republican Congress is very unlikely to cut off funding projects of the Scripps Oceanographic Institute or Woods Hole or any of the others. The Republican Party, they’re a slimy fish swimming through the swamp.”
    Coleman agrees that Trump would like to shut the spigot. But not because he has a strong position on climate science. It’s just for budget savings.
    “But I’m also confident that his family … they’re going to have dinner with him at night: ‘Hey, Dad, we got to keep this money flowing.’ So I don’t know how successful it will be. But I know the two most powerful forces on earth are sex and money. And by God it’s really hard to shut off the money. And it’s really hard to not go for the sex.”
    What about Sacramento’s cap-and-trade measure — passed with GOP help?
    “Just pure and total embarrassing nonsense,” Coleman says, “And another darn good reason not to live in California. If I have to get a passport to come see my son in Palm Springs in the future, so be it. That state has gotten so silly. Oh my God, I’m so glad I don’t live there.”
    He calls efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions “an insult to the average American family,” whose energy costs already rise $2,500 a year “because of the threat of so-called global warming. And that cap-and-trade will take it up to probably $4,800 a year.”
    “That takes phones away from the kids, or they don’t get new tablets so they can do their homework right. Or the college fund is down. Or clothes or vacations. It hurts that family very deeply. And these politicians who live on the top edge don’t have any understanding or feeling for the average people. And it drives … me … nuts,” he says, pausing between words for emphasis.
    Does Coleman regard La Jolla’s prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography — a groundbreaker in climate studies — as doing fake science?
    “I think that they are dead wrong,” Coleman says. “I think the Keeling Curve is excellent science — the measurement of carbon [dioxide] in the atmosphere through the years and the development of that good steady flow of data. That’s a very good scientific piece of work.”
    But the rest of Scripps’ studies?
    “Just pathetic,” he says. “And it drives me nuts. A fine institution just went … where the money is. Without that money, hundreds of people would have to be let go.”
    He asks: “Have you looked at my video where I tell about that dispute between [Scripps and UCSD legend] Roger Revelle and [his Harvard student] Al Gore? I gather it didn’t impress you. I’m convinced that it’s correct [that climate scientist Revelle didn’t urge action on human-caused global warming]. By the way, that has over a million views on YouTube.”
    (Revelle’s daughter Carolyn said Coleman and others took his remarks out of context.)
    A spokeswoman for Scripps — once ranked No. 1 in the nation for earth and environmental sciences by the journal Nature — said Somerville’s post still holds up seven years later, and she also noted that “while Mr. Coleman was at KUSI he was invited here many times to see the research in action and talk to scientists. He never came.”
    Mayor Faulconer’s office did not respond to a request for comment.
    But Masada Disenhouse did. The founder of climate action group SanDiego350 — who helped organize the downtown Climate March in April — defended the mayor and countered Coleman on other issues.
    “I think that the mayor of San Diego took climate change seriously and has moved to address it is because it’s been clear from polling, elections, growing climate marches and activism, and other indicators, that the people of San Diego increasingly support moving to clean energy and addressing the climate crisis,” she said Wednesday via email. “And when the people lead, the elected officials who represent them follow.”
    On Coleman’s rejection of a waterlogged San Diego: “While Mr. Coleman may be in denial about it, coastal flooding due to sea level rise is already a problem in our coastal areas like Imperial Beach, Mission Beach and Carlsbad, with some areas expected to flood regularly at high tide in the next few decades.”

    Disenhouse says Miami and New Orleans are a preview — “facing flooding from high tides even on sunny days on a regular basis right now.”
    In 2015, she noted, SanDiego350 drew a chalk line in Mission Beach’s retail area to show where high tide would reach if trends continue until 2050.
    Disenhouse defended efforts to wean the economy from fossil fuels.
    “California’s economy has been growing as it has reduced its energy use per person and begun to bring down greenhouse gas emissions,” she says. “In fact, the renewable energy sector has been hugely successful in California, one of the fastest growing job sectors.”
    But here Coleman concurs.
    “I love solar power,” he says. “But what does that have to do with climate change? Not a dibble-dee-do-dot.”
    He says people assume that that if he’s a climate skeptic or opposed to cap-and-trade that he’s against solar or wind power or environmentalism, “or I want to fill the oceans with plastic or something.”
    Coleman insists: “I am an environmentalist through and through. So don’t give me any of that. My son has solar on his house. And pays $16 a month for power in Palm Springs, and I’m excited about the future of graphene.”
    He says a day will come when homes are coated with graphene paint and homeowners “disconnect the power line.” Same with the car.
    “The age of fossil fuels and the electric grid will come to an end,” Coleman says. “Not in my lifetime, but possibly in yours. Time will tell and it’s all wonderful. Our life is good today not because a bunch of politicians have made laws and regulations and try to tell us how to live. Our lives are good today because of science.”

    Tuesday, August 15, 2017

    Clearly, Spending is a Problem

    Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through July

    ( - The federal government collected record amounts of both individual income taxes and payroll taxes through the first ten months of fiscal 2017 (Oct. 1, 2016 through the end of July), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement [1].
    Through July, the federal government collected approximately $1,312,691,000,000 in individual income taxes.
    At the same time, it collected $976,278,000,000 in Social Security and other payroll taxes.
    Prior to this year, fiscal 2015 held the record for individual income tax collections through July. That year, the Treasury collected $1,309,431,860,000 (in constant 2017 dollars) in individual income taxes in the first ten months of the fiscal  year.
    Last year (fiscal 2016), individual income tax collections from October through July dropped to $1,293,490,000,000 (in constant 2017 dollars).
    This year’s record of $1,312,691,000,000 in October-to-July individual income taxes is $3,259,140,000 more than the 2015’s previous record of $1,309,431,860,000.
    Before this year’s record $976,278,000,000 in October-through-July payroll tax collections, fiscal 2016 held the record at $948,709,020,000 (in constant 2017 dollars)—or about $27,568,980,000 less than this year.
    Overall federal tax collections in the first ten months of fiscal 2017 were $2,739,861,000,000. Yet that did not the record for October-through-July total federal tax collections. In the first ten months of fiscal 2015, the Treasury collected $2,741,079,280,000 (in constant 2017 dollars) in total taxes. That was $361,218,280,000 more than this year.
    While the Treasury has been collecting record amounts of individual income taxes and payroll taxes this fiscal year, some other categories of federal tax revenues have declined since 2015.
    For example, in the first ten months of fiscal 2015, the Treasury collected $272,904,380,000 (in constant 2017 dollars) in corporate income taxes. In the first ten months of fiscal 2017, the Treasury collected only $232,294,000,000 corporate income taxes.
    In the first ten months of fiscal 2015, customs duties were $30,705,180,000 (in constant 2017 dollars). In the first ten months of fiscal 2017, they were only $28,427,000,000.
    In the first ten months of fiscal 2015, excise taxes were $68,686,630,000 (in constant 2017 dollars). In the first ten months of fiscal 2017, they were only $65,187,000,000.
    Even as it was collecting record individual income taxes and payroll taxes in the first ten months of fiscal 2017, the Treasury still ran a deficit of $566,022,000,000.
    That is because while the overall federal tax collections for the period were $2,739,861,000,000, overall federal spending was $3,305,882,000,000.
    (Historical tax revenues were put in constant 2017 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator.)

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    Government Discrimination

    Michigan City Indoctrinates Kids in Lefty Protest Tactics but Won’t Let a Conservative Farmer Sell His Vegetables

    It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.
    In East Lansing, Michigan, it isn’t quite Dickens, but it’s a veritable tale of two cities. For liberals, it is the best of times, and the city will be supportive at every turn, but for conservatives, it is the worst of times, and the city will punish you for your beliefs.
    It is the worst of times for Steve Tennes, a Catholic farmer in Charlotte, Michigan, some twenty miles outside of East Lansing. While weddings are sometimes held at his Country Mill farm, as a practicing Catholic, he refers same-sex weddings to other nearby farms. In a Facebook post he said, “It remains our deeply held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and Country Mill has the First Amendment Right to express and act upon its beliefs.” The City of East Lansing disagreed. When they caught wind of his decision to exercise his religious freedom, they said he could no longer sell his produce at their farmers’ market, where he had been selling since 2010.
    “It was brought to our attention that The Country Mill’s general business practices do not comply with East Lansing’s Civil Rights ordinances and public policy against discrimination as set forth in Chapter 22 of the City Code and outlined in the 2017 Market Vendor Guidelines, as such, The Country Mill’s presence as a vendor [is] prohibited by the City’s Farmer’s Market Vendor Guidelines,” read a letter the city sent to the family, Fox News reported.
    “We were surprised and we were shocked,” Tennes told Fox News. “My wife and I both volunteered to serve in the military—to protect freedom—now we come home and the freedom that we worked to protect—we have to defend in our own backyard. . . Whether you are a Jew, Muslim or Christian—people of faith should not be eradicated from the marketplace simply because they don’t share the same thoughts and ideas that the government is choosing to promote.”
    Tennes is now in a legal battle with the city over his First Amendment rights. “Our faith and beliefs on marriage and hosting weddings at our home and in our backyard of our farm have nothing to do with the city of East Lansing,” Tennes said at a press conference, “Nor does it have anything to do with the produce that we sell to the people that attend the farmers’ markets who are from all backgrounds and all beliefs.” As Tennes said, the problem is that the city is choosing to promote some values over others.
    It is the best of times, however, for those pushing a liberal agenda, and the city is happy to give them the space to do so. At the East Lansing Public Library, children are invited to sign up for something called the “Social Justice Reading Group.” The logo is an image of little raised fists in bright, childish colors and features the tag line, “Engaging youth in critical exploration of social justice topics through children’s literature.”
    The library’s website describes the regularly-held event as follows:
    MSU is partnering with ELPL for a monthly Social Justice Reading Group aimed at youth ages 4 to 11 (preschool to fifth grade) held at the library. The aim of the reading group is to engage youth in critical exploration of social justice topics through children’s literature. MSU faculty with expertise in a specific social justice area will read a couple of children’s books on that month’s social justice topic (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender, social class, Indigenous rights, LGBTQ, protest). After the book readings, MSU teacher candidates will facilitate small group discussions on the month’s social justice topic. Teen volunteers from the Greater Lansing Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. will assist with discussions and craft activities. Support for this program is provided by several units at MSU; the Department of Teacher Education, the College of EducationThe Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and Lyman Briggs College. The Social Justice Reading Group is organized by MSU faculty Georgina Montgomery and Dorinda Carter Andrews.
    Yes, you’re reading this correctly. A farmer will not be given space at a farmers’ market because, in accordance with his religion, he does not have same-sex weddings at his private home, but a public library in the same city will provide space for an event that teaches small children about protesting. Not only that, but this is being held at a taxpayer-funded location and supported by a taxpayer-funded university. Mr. Tennes is being ousted from the farmers’ market due to choices he made about how to use his private property.
    When I first wrote about strange goings-on in public libraries, I noted, “This comes down to a public entity offering programming to indoctrinate children into a specific (and ideological) way of thinking. This isn’t about being open to a particular way of thinking, it’s about being closed to any other.” QED. The City of East Lansing could not have more proven my point better had they set out to do so. While the city is happy to indoctrinate children with left-wing rhetoric, someone who is privately conservative is being shut out of a public space, a decision which could threaten his livelihood. It is indeed the best of times and the worst of times in this city. Too bad this situation is real, not fictional.

    Saturday, August 12, 2017

    Environmental Wack Jobs Wrong Again.

    Bees are Back: Liberal Environmental Doomsaying Proven Wrong… Again
    -By Warner Todd Huston
    For years leftist doomsayers in the envirowacko movement have been wringing hands that bees were dying off saying their demise would be the end of the world. But now the bee population is recovering and suddenly envirowackos are just shrugging.
    Bees are a very important part of the world’s ecology serving as a chief element in the pollination of plants. But for the better part of a decade bees have been suffering from a syndrome labeled Colony Collapse Disorder, a catastrophic malady that has been killing bees all across the continent.
    Scientists still don’t really know exactly what has been causing the bee mass die off, but one thing is sure, it would be a bad thing if the nation’s bee population were to disappear.
    Naturally, leftist envirowackos have said the bee problem is the end of days and have made a lot of noise abut how it is all because of corporate America and global warming. But, now it looks like the bee population is starting to recover. So, will the left apologize for their alarmism? Not a chance.

    According to, the “mystery malady” is starting to wane and the bee population is on the upswing.
    Yet, the silence from the left is deafening.
    This isn’t the first time the arm waving and Chicken Little-ing of the envirowackos has been exposed as childish alarmism.
    Take the water levels of the Great Lakes, for instance. Since the early 2000s the radical envirowacko left was saying that the relatively low water level seen then was both “permanent” and an ecological disaster.
    But starting a few years ago with the super cold winters that beset the region, the water levels began to rise and now they are above average.
    Once again, nature recovered and the doomsayers were made to look foolish.
    “The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
    –Samuel Johnson
    Follow Warner Todd Huston on:
    Warner Todd Huston is a Chicago based freelance writer. He has been writing news, opinion editorials and social criticism since early 2001 and before that wrote articles on U.S. history for several American history magazines. Huston is a featured writer for Andrew Breitbart’s Breitbart News, and he appears on such sites as, and many, many others. Huston has also appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and many local TV shows as well as numerous talk radio shows throughout the country.

    Nothing to see here, Move along. Hat Tip Gateway Pundit

    Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.’s body was found in May by a random individual. The police were investigating at the time to determine if Whisenant’s death was a “homicide, suicide, or something else.”

    Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unitHe was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district.

    Now this…
    Officials say Beranton’s death was a suicide and he shot himself in the head.
    But no gun was ever found.

    The Sun-Sentinel reported:
    Detectives and a medical examiner found Whisenant had shot himself in the head, Hollywood police said.
    Police searched for two blocks north and south of the crime scene but couldn’t find the gun or any other weapon.
    He was assigned to the Miami office of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and been hired as federal prosecutor a few months earlier.

    Friday, August 11, 2017

    Jimmy Carter is an Evil Man.

    Jimmy Carter: Emissary of Evil

    Ben Shapiro

    4/16/2008 12:01:00 AM - Ben Shapiro
    Jimmy Carter is an evil man. It is painful to label a past president of the United States as a force for darkness. But it is dangerous to let a man like Jimmy Carter stalk around the globe cloaked in the garb of American royalty, planting the seeds of Western civilization's destruction.
    On Tuesday, former President Carter met with leaders of the terrorist group Hamas. He embraced Nasser al-Shaer, the man who has run the Palestinian education system, brainwashing children into believing Jews are the descendants of pigs and dogs. He laid a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat, the most notorious terrorist thug of the 20th century. Then, he had the audacity to offer to act as a conduit between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli and U.S. governments. This is somewhat like Lord Haw-Haw offering to broker peace between the German and British governments during World War II.
    Carter is a notorious anti-Semite and an even more notorious terrorism- enabler. In particular, he is a huge supporter of Palestinian violence. He considered himself a friend to Arafat, as Jay Nordlinger of National Review wrote in his masterful 2002 piece, "Carterpalooza!": After the Gulf War, when Saudi Arabia was perturbed by Arafat's support for Saddam Hussein, Carter flew to the country at Arafat's behest to soothe the Saudis. In 1990, Carter told Arafat, "You should not be concerned that I am biased. I am much more harsh with the Israelis." He then proceeded to agree with Arafat that "the Reagan administration was not renowned as promise keepers," according to Douglas Brinkley.
    Carter subsequently wrote one of Arafat's speeches, penning these vomit-inducing lines: "A good opening would be to outline the key points of the Save the Children report Then ask: 'What would you do, if these were your children and grandchildren? As the Palestinian leader, I share the responsibility for them. Our response has been to urge peace talks, but the Israeli leaders have refused, and our children continue to suffer. Our people, who face Israeli bullets, have no weapons: only a few stones remaining when our homes are destroyed by the Israeli bulldozers.' Then repeat: 'What would you do, if these were your children and grandchildren?' This exact litany should be repeated with a few other personal examples."
    Not surprisingly, Carter's ardent hatred for Israel translates into a Jeremiah Wright-esque hatred for the United States -- the country he has never forgiven for throwing him out on his ear in 1980 in favor of Ronald Reagan.
    Here's Carter on America's refusal to fund Hamas: "Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals, with the presumption that they are guilty of some crime. Because they voted for candidates who are members of Hamas, the United States government has become the driving force behind an apparently effective scheme of depriving the general public of income, access to the outside world and the necessities of life."
    Jimmy Carter is all about Jimmy Carter. During his presidency, he gave up the Panama Canal and allowed the Ayatollahs to take power in Iran -- all for the praise of the international community. In 1980, he asked the Soviet Union to release Jewish emigrants, hoping that such action would soften American feeling against the USSR and thereby swing the presidential election to him. In 1984, he told the Russians that if Reagan were re-elected, there would not "be a single agreement on arms control, especially on nuclear arms, as long as Reagan remained in power." In 2002, Carter accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, despite a clear indication by Nobel Committee members that the prize was meant as a rebuke to President Bush.
    Does all this make Carter evil, or just a useful idiot? By all accounts, Carter is highly intelligent -- perhaps the most intelligent president of the last 50 years. It would be foolish to write him off as simply naive. He is quite willing to be used by dictators from Venezuela to Cuba to North Korea, so long as helping them polishes his legacy. For almost three decades, Carter has pandered to enemies of Western civilization, shielding his treasonous behavior with the title of "ex-president." His Hamas-hugging is just the latest entry in a political diary that would make Osama Bin Laden proud.

    Why did Loretta Lynch need DOJ Talking Points about a meeting she alone attended?

    Why did Loretta Lynch need DOJ Talking Points about a meeting she alone attended?

    Tuesday, August 8, 2017

    Religion of Peace?

    The California 'Annihilate Jews' Imam Was Simply Quoting Muhammad

    A recent controversy in California shows the perils of assuming, as nearly everyone does, that mosques in the West teach peace and tolerance, and that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are moderate and loyal members of secular societies.
    On July 21, the imam Ammar Shahin gave the Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Davis, California, and had the misfortune of having his sermon videotaped by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).
    Preached Shahin:
    Oh Allah, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews. Oh Allah, destroy those who closed the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Oh Allah, show us the black day that You inflict upon them, and the wonders of Your ability. Oh Allah, count them one by one and annihilate them down to the very last one. Do not spare any of them.
    Oh Allah, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Oh Allah, make this happen by our hands. Let us play a part in this. Oh Allah, let us support them in words and in deeds. Oh Allah, let us support them in words and in deeds. Oh Allah, let us support them in words and in deeds.
    This understandably touched off a firestorm, and the Islamic Center of Davis initially resorted to the familiar deflection of Islamic supremacists everywhere: it claimed that Shahin’s remarks had been “taken out of context.”
    When that didn’t fly, Shahin apologized:
    To the Jewish community here in Davis and beyond, I say this deeply: I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused … I let my emotions get the best of me and cloud my better judgment. I said things that were hurtful to Jews. This was unacceptable.
    Very well. But there was just one problem. In his sermon, Shahin also referred to a well-known statement that Islamic tradition attributes to Muhammad.
    Said Shahin:
    Allah does not change the situation of people "until they change their own situation." The Prophet Muhammad said: "Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the Jews hide behind stones and trees, and the stones and the trees say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah" … "Come, there is someone behind me" -- except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews. Except for a certain tree that they are growing today in Palestine, in that area, except this form of tree, which they are growing today … That’s the tree that will not speak to the Muslims.
    Shahin left a key part out of this narrative. In the hadith, the trees don’t just say, “Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah … Come, there is someone behind me.”
    They say that there is a Jew hiding, and that the Muslim should come kill him:
    Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews. (Muslim 6985)
    Why did Shahin not quote the part about the trees calling upon Muslims to kill Jews?
    Was it because he is a moderate, and believes that the Muslims should not kill the Jews hiding behind trees, but should hug them and invite them to inter-religious dialogue?
    Or was it because he knew his audience would know this hadith, and he didn’t want to attract unwelcome scrutiny by calling outright for the killing of Jews?
    The latter is much more likely. After all, he couched his call for the annihilation of Jews as a prayer to Allah; he didn’t call on Muslims directly to kill Jews. But he also knew that his listeners would know that the Qur’an says:
    Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands …  (9:14).
    So a call for Allah to annihilate the Jews is also a call for Muslims to do so, as Allah punishes the Jews by the Muslims' hands.
    All this makes it abundantly clear that the statements for which Ammar Shahin apologized are firmly based in Islamic tradition -- meaning Shahin was essentially apologizing for being a Muslim. Consequently, it is unlikely that his apology was sincere; Shahin was not likely to discard deeply held religious beliefs in the face of a controversy that has already faded from the headlines.
    This raises a larger question: what will prevent other imams from quoting these Islamic passages, and enjoining their congregations to act upon them? What about the numerous exhortations to jihad warfare that are contained in the Qur’an and Sunnah?
    What are U.S. authorities going to do if imams keep … quoting Muhammad?
    Eventually an imam will get caught as Ammar Shahin was, and will not apologize, but will instead assert that he is simply preaching the commands of his religion: warfare against unbelievers, the sexual enslavement of infidel women, wife-beating, and the rest. And he will refuse to back down.
    What will law enforcement authorities do then?

    Sunday, August 6, 2017

    Global Warming Hoax

    Date: 04/08/17

    Graham Lloyd, The Australian
    Recorded temperatures at the Bureau­ of Meteorology’s Thredbo Top automatic weather station have dropped below -10C in the past week, after action was taken to make the facility “fit for ­purpose”.
    A record of the Thredbo Top station for 3am on Wednesday shows a temperature reading of -10.6C. This compares with the BoM’s monthly highlights for June and July, both showing a low of -9.6C.
    The BoM said it had taken immed­iate action to replace the Thredbo station after concerns were raised that very low temperatures were not making it onto the official record. Controversy has dogged the bureau’s automatic weather station network since Goulburn man Lance Pigeon saw a -10.4C reading on the BoM’s website on July 2 automatically adjust to -10C, then disappear.
    Later independent monitoring of the Thredbo Top station by scientist Jennifer Marohasy showed a recording of -10.6C ­vanish from the record.
    BoM initially claimed the adjustments were part of its quality control procedures. But bureau chief executive Andrew Johnson later told Environment Minister Josh­ Frydenberg that investigations had found a number of cold-weather stations were not “fit for purpose” and would be replaced.
    The BoM has admitted that, in addition to Goulburn and Thredbo Top, stations at Tuggeranong in the ACT, Butlers Gorge and Fingal in Tasmania and Mount Baw Baw in Victoria would be replace­d.
    An in-house investigation that includes two independent experts has been called. The bureau said it rejected allegations aired in some media outlets that it had sought to tamper with temperature data.
    It has been reported online that electronic smart cards were allegedly fitted to the BoM’s automatic weather stations, which put a limit on how low temperatures could be recorded in official weather data. The BoM declined to comment ahead of the internal review.
    “The findings of a review into this matter will be made available after completion,” a BoM repre­sentative said. “We do not intend to publish detail prior to that.
    “The AWS program is part of the observing systems and operations program, separate from the climate areas.”
    On her website yesterday, Dr Marohasy said it was not the recording­ devices that were at fault. “To be clear, the problem is not with the equipment; all that needs to be done is for the smart-card readers to be removed,” Dr Marohasy said.
    “So that after the automatic weather stations measure the correct­ temperature, this temp­erature can be brought forward firstly into the daily weather observation sheet and subsequently into the CDO (climate data online) dataset.”
    Mr Frydenberg rejected any suggestion that he had prior knowledge of smart cards or the cause of problems which made the stations not fit for purpose. He said he only learnt of the issue with the weather station readings when it was raised by The Australian.